Harry's patron Ben Shephard officialy opens the new cancer centre on what would be Harry's 18th birthday

February 22nd would have been Harry’s 18th Birthday. Whilst this is a significant day for Harry’s mom, brother and sister they decided there would be no more of a fitting day to open the new centre in Harry’s memory.

Joined by hundreds of supporters and well-wishers, Harry’s Patron Ben Shephard came to officially open the new centre. Along with other patrons including Ian Taylor, Michael Johnson, Oliver Phelps, Tom Ross and the board of trustees, it was a moving and memorable day and testament to the grit and determination of Georgie and the team who never let go of the passion and desire to continue supporting the cancer community.

Georgie said “I could not think of anything better I could of done as a mom to honour Harry and make what should be his special birthday memorable. He would be so proud of his work and the impact it is having. I am so grateful to all who have supported me on this journey and the well-wishers who turned out to mark a day that proved that love and determination conquers all.”