Harry's Story


The inspiration


Robert was a very special friend of mine. I met him at the QE hospital in November 2007 when I had my radiotherapy. Me and Robert started our radiotherapy on the same day and finished it on the same day too. We saw each other almost every day for six weeks. He always came in very smart and always talked to me. I got friendly with lots of people there – mainly children that were having the same treatment. It made me sad that all these people including Robert and a girl called Rosie had to go through what I was going through and that they all had brain tumours.


``On the last day I took everyone a special card in that I had picked and a small gift to remember me by. The cards were good luck cards that had nice verses about 'staying strong and having hope'. I liked these as it had messages on them that were appropriate.

It was lovely to give gifts to everyone, it made me happy. They all liked them and Robert told me he was very touched. He was the only person that gave me his number and asked me to call him to arrange a visit to his farm. I thought this was really nice especially as I did not really know him.``

Our friendship

Me and Robert became good friends, mainly over the phone as he lived in Worcestershire. I always knew that when my MRI scans were due, Roberts were too so I used to phone him to ask when his scan was and then rang to wish him luck on the day.

I then rang to hear his news. I panicked when I didn't hear from Robert for a while - I just wanted to make sure he was ok.

I went to Robert's house and met his wife Trina. It was a lovely day and it was nice as my brother Louie and Sister Danielle finally met Robert and I was happy to meet Trina. My family had heard so much about Robert but now they got to meet him and see how nice he was.

We had a great day and Trina kindly took us a ride in all of their nice vintage cars. I thought Robert was once a footballer as he had a sports car like footballers!

I made Robert and Trina a scrapbook with pictures of me and my family in it so he knew all about us. Sadly this was the last time I saw Robert when he was well in himself.

Robert's Illness

``Since our visit Robert got more poorly and was not able to speak to me on the phone or write to me but I still kept in touch with Trina to see how he was. In June I heard that he was very poorly and in hospital. This made me sad and I wanted so much to see my special friend.

I visited him twice at the Priory and even though he could not open his eyes much or talk to me he listened to everything I said. He made me happy when I told him I was going to help Trina look after him when he went home and he replied “that’s brilliant” in a soft whispering voice.

Also when I said goodbye and asked Robert if I could kiss him he managed to turn his head towards me so that I could kiss his cheek. I knew then that Robert had heard everything about what I was telling him and I felt really happy.

Each time I left Robert in hospital I felt really sad. I wanted to stay with him all the time but I knew I couldn't. I hated seeing him poorly and with moms help I started my campaign to help get Robert better.``


When Robert went home I went to visit him and Trina. I was happy he was at home but this time he could not respond to me. I told him all about my bracelets and what I was doing to try and help him get better. I made him a special bracelet which Trina helped me to put on his wrist. We did not stay long as the nurses had to give him his medicine. He was laid in bed and looked comfy.



A couple of weeks passed and I was really busy with my campaign. I rang Trina to see if I could go and help her look after Robert for the day but she told my mom Robert had deteriorated and was even more poorly. We had an event the following day (1st August 2009). We really wanted to see Robert in the morning but did not want to let people down as we promised them we would be there, and after all, the event was to raise money to help get Robert better. I am glad we went to the event as I brought Robert a special teddy and made a bracelet for it and was going to give it to him as we were leaving the event early to go and see Robert.

We got home and mom rang Trina to make sure it was still okay for us to visit. Although she said he was more poorly I still wanted to see him. We set straight off and I was so excited as I just wanted to see him, give him a hug, give him his teddy and tell him all about how well the campaign was going.

Sadly on the motorway we had a call to say that Robert had gone. I am very sad we did not make it in time as I never got the chance to say goodbye to Robert. He knows that I love him and that my campaign was all about him as I really wanted to help him. I wish I had started my campaign sooner and I feel I have let Robert down. I was really looking forward to him getting better and helping me with my campaign. I never got the chance to present my power point presentation to him, but more importantly I have lost a special friend that me and my family loved. This was the saddest day of my life and I will miss our calls now when my scans are due. Trina is also my special friend and I want to stay in touch with her and look after her now Robert is not there to take care of her.


If you are watching over me Robert ``I love you, miss you and really wish you were here. I was proud to be your friend and I promise you I will make a difference to all people with brain tumours``.