How we give back


Young people are amazing. With the right support and self believe they can achieve anything.

Harry himself proved that regardless of your age, your wealth, your lifestyle and your wellbeing you can achieve anything in life if you are passionate enough.

Going above and beyond for the special people in their lives.

There are so many amazing young people out there that go above and beyond being an average child and here at HHHO we want to recognise them for all their effort / achievements.

With that in mind in 2014 Georgie launched HarryzYoungStarz Awards... for kids that do good! The day is purely about the youngsters where there is fun, food, entertainment and more goodies.


HarryzYoungStarz Awards


The monthly award categories cover a range of areas including:


At the end of each month we surprise the category of the month winner with their trophy and certificate. At the end of the year we hold a celebration party for the winners to attend at Hogarths Hotel in Solihull.