Cancer knows no boundaries. Every day, 365 days a year, it touches lives globally. Beyond health implications, cancer impacts numerous aspects of people’s lives. This very reality inspired the creation of our Drop-In Cancer Support Centre. With a suite of over 20 on-site services, we provide a comprehensive range of emotional, physical, and financial support. However, maintaining these services and running the centre costs £850 a day.

So, given that 1 in 2 people face the challenge of cancer, we're initiating the Hero365 Appeal. Our goal? To find 365 compassionate individuals or businesses willing to commit to raising £850 within a year.

HHHO Hero 365
This is your significant date that you chose to work towards raising £850 for Help Harry Help Others


We're searching for 365 heroes ready to embark on a unique journey. If you have a generous heart, this campaign is for you. The mission? Raise or donate £850 in 365 days. The method? Entirely your choice. From events to personal challenges, the sky's the limit. Your dedication ensures our centre continues to be a haven for a day, with every service and support session a testament to your commitment.


Our centre operates on £850 daily, and without any assistance from the government or NHS, in this current climate it’s a tall order to meet. So we rely on the kindness of individuals and businesses. As times change, the demand for our services has surged. However, less people are now able to support our lifeline services due to all the change within the world of recent years. We proudly stand by over 1,200 families, with members ranging from age 6 to 86. Every week, we make a difference in the lives of over 100 individuals, and this number is growing. But to keep this momentum, we need your help.

Becoming a Hero365...

By signing up, you are pledging to raise £850 for Help Harry Help Others – a whole days running costs of our cancer centre. You will have 365 days to hit the £850 target. You also have the option to choose the day that you’d like to fund!

Signing up is simple, just fill out the form below! Once this is complete, you will receive a fundraising tool kit which will help you get started. This kit is packed with all sorts – from fundraising ideas and planners to motivational tools.

You’ll also receive:

  • A social media toolkit, so you can share to your heart’s content on social media!
  • An official Hero365 T-Shirt
  • When you achieve your £850 target, your name/business name will be added to a commemorative board at the HHHO Drop-in Centre to highlight you have singlehandedly funded the centre for a whole day.
  • You will also receive a special award in the post to show our heartfelt gratitude!