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HelpHarryHelpOthers values our corporate supporters. Perhaps your business could select HHHO as charity of the year?


Harry's mom would love to visit and talk about all the ways your team can get behind us. With our high profile campaigning and a series of media partners and charity initiatives we will help grow and engage your customer base whilst making your own employees happy!


Help Harry Help Others


Bracelet Making

Imagine the entire office or shop floor taking time out to make bracelets! These can then be sent to us or offered to the public in return for a donation, with revenue coming back to HelpHarryHelpOthers. The scheme has also been created to help allow an “Apprentice” style situation with employees taking on roles to help drive success. The scheme is a great team building exercise and an opportunity for employees to shine! For more information Click Here

Giving time via our #Footsteps4Harry shoe recycling

We have a number of schemes where all we need is a minimal amount of time! Perhaps you can get staff to bring in their old shoes. We get them recycled and receive up to 35p for every old pair donated!

Giving time via online purchases

Here at HHHO we work with a number of online sites. Simply by making your staff aware that by registering with either ‘easy fundraising’ or ‘Amazon smile’ and then going about their purchases via these sites in the normal way we will  be able to receive donations from the online retailers. This does not cost the shopper a penny and all those pennies add up our end. These schemes are proving really beneficial at peak shopping times like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day etc.

Direct Donations

Companies can make contributions for any amount to support our efforts.

Cause-Related Marketing Promotions

With this type of promotion, a percentage of a company’s product revenues are donated to HelpHarryHelpOthers. Our trademark and logo may be used to promote the affiliation with HelpHarryHelpOthers.

Consumer Donations

Retailers can enable their customers to add a contribution to their purchases. When merchandised at point-of-sale and throughout the organization, these programs successfully generate customer and employee goodwill.

Public Donations

We can supply partners a resource of HelpHarryHelpOther bracelets to offer to the public for donation at point of sale or the reception desk.


Companies donate products or services to support the work of HelpHarryHelpOthers. Examples of generous contributions include items we can pass on to those in need (eg: dishwashers, holidays) and consultancies.


Through multiple annual sponsorships companies demonstrate their commitment to helping us in a cost-effective and meaningful way. Such schemes could be choosing us as your Charity of the Year, or a one off event.

Employee Involvement

Through sponsorship, matching gift or payroll deduction programs, HelpHarryHelpOthers can benefit. At the same time, company public relations and employee/employer relations are greatly enhanced.

Foundation Support

Companies may donate funds or services through their foundation.


Strong internal support

Clear business strategies

Effective use of company systems

Objectives that engage employees and consumers alike

Internal and external communication of their cause initiatives

For more information on partnering with Help Harry Help Others please contact us at georgie@hhho.org.uk