Carers Matter Too – Taking Care Of You

When a loved one is diagnosed with Cancer, carers (whether they are adults or children) often spur into action to take care of every practical, physical and emotional need their loved one has, often without others realising the impact on them. It’s natural to give the best care for those we love, however, this can have consequences for the carer themselves.

They often lose every sense of their own personal time and space meaning they have their own issues to sort, relationships suffer and their own routines are dropped. Often finances change too due to a change in circumstances.

During our last HHHO Carers Well-Being Academy, we found that carers often felt guilty for taking time out. We also found that quite often carers felt responsible to fetch and carry and do everything for the patient, even at a time when cancer or the treatment was not having a big impact on the patient’s health or mobility. In fact, quite often cancer patients crave to be able to carry on as normal until they are perhaps under the effects of treatment and then need support.

During our support sessions for carers, we emphasise and educate them to understand the importance of how essential it is for them to take time out for themselves.

There may come a time when a loved one needs 24 hour care but often we hear that after long periods of time where carers were doing absolutely everything for their loved one –  when they need to be there for more round the clock care, they are physically and emotionally drained.

So, if you are a carer looking after a loved one, do reach for support from places like HHHO. We support both adults and children and are there to support loved ones who haven’t formally been classed as their carer. In our eyes, if you are tending to loved ones every need – you are the carer and you matter too.

We have put together some tips we thought may help you to take care of you too. Always remember #YouMatterToo