Harry’s mom Invited on GMB in support to Hugh’s Law

Following the passing of their son Hugh, Ceri and Francis have worked incredibly hard to campaign for ‘Hugh’s Law’, a movement for parents with children with cancer that has now reached parliament following campaigning and petitions.

Harry’s mom Georgie, was invited to be a speaker on Good Morning Britain to share her story and throughts on why Hugh’s Law is so important.  The law which will hopefully bring a furlough style payment to support parents of children with cancer will hopefully see additional support for parents who are dealing with the worst possible news – that their child has cancer.

Georgie says”it is an honour to support the incredible work of Ceri and Francis who are working tirelessly to ensure that more support is put in place for parents of children with cancer. It is obviously something that resonates with me so well and is actually that motivated me to support others through Harry’s great work. Not enough support is out there for what is classed as the ‘holisitc’ side of things (non medical), yet cancer brings so much change to routine, liefstyle, finances, relationships and more. Both Ceri and Fancis have my full admiration and respect and this is something I am proud to play a very small part of. “

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