Harry’s Legacy Lights Up The City

We have been an official charity for 10 years!


Calling on all of our supporters far and wide. We would love it if you would join us for ‘a light in the dark’ on Monday 26th September at 8pm, to mark our 10 year anniversary.


Harry captured the hearts of the nation when he raised over £750,000 for cancer research in the last two years of his life, before sadly passing away on 8th October 2011, aged just 11 years old.


In that short time, Harry tirelessly made and sold his famous bracelets, created a school initiative, attended over 80 public events, which included speaking at some with audiences of up to 500 people, and had support from the likes of Harry Styles, Gary Lineker and Sharon Osbourne, all to raise funds and awareness for brain cancer.


Now, to shine a light on 10 years as a registered charity, raising funds and offering support to individuals and their families dealing with cancer, we have created ‘a light in the dark’ moment. We have produced limited edition glow-in-the-dark bracelets, with 10 gold beads representing each year, and we ask famous faces and members of the public to wear and share their HHHO bracelets and shine a torch or candle on social media, at 8pm on Monday 26th September. You can get hold of your limited edition bracelets here.


Our #HHHOalightinthedark campaign, is not only to commemorate and celebrate Harry’s legacy, but to raise awareness of and drive funds to the running of Birmingham’s first Cancer Drop-in Support Centre. We have a unique centre, offering over 20 services to support families in every aspect outside of treatment; from mental wellbeing to finances and housing, support which brings light and a lifeline to those experiencing their darkest days.


One famous Brummie who will be getting involved in the awareness drive, is the Bullring Bull. He will illuminate with his very own, specially made, light up HHHO bracelets, alongside New Street’s line of trees, the Library of Birmingham and Aston Villa Football Club, shining their lights to support the charity, amongst others .


Since Georgie, Harry’s mom, launched Harry’s campaign, ‘Help Harry Help Others’ as a registered charity in 2012, she has structured our work around where she knew more support was needed for families. Georgie opened our fabulous Drop-in Cancer Centre in 2015 and it now helps over 1000 adults and children affected by any type of cancer.


TV favourite Ben Shephard, who is a proud ambassador of the charity, says “There was no one quite like Harry and even now I feel so lucky to have spent even a short amount of time with such a unique and wonderfully inspiring young boy. 10 years on since I first became one of his ambassadors, I’m still so incredibly proud to be flying the HHHO flag in his name, knowing the difference this is making to people’s lives, and keeping his legacy alive is as important now as it ever was.”


Oliver and James Phelps, best known as the Weasley twins in Harry Potter and also ambassadors for HHHO, continue, “It’s pretty remarkable that 10 years can go by so fast! We still have such pride in being ambassadors for HHHO. The level of support and services such a small team produces is incredible”.


In the 10 years since we became an official charity, we have helped over 1000 families and in 2019, achieved £1 million of giving. We have have provided £400,000 to families suffering financial hardship and £240,000 to fund vital research. HHHO also runs Respite Renovations, our own ‘DIY SOS’ style makeover, which to date has renovated four houses, all on top of the day-to-day running of the Drop In Cancer Support Centre.


Georgie, said, “Reaching our 10th Anniversary is obviously a bittersweet milestone, but I am so very proud of Harry’s charity, and everything his legacy has achieved. It has been an unbelievable journey so far. We’ve created a wonderful community and whilst we have faced some very challenging times, there’s never a dull moment at HHHO, which is exactly how Harry would have wanted it.”


“Over the years we’ve cycled from Cornwall to Birmingham, made the world’s longest bracelet and completed a 22 hour roller skating challenge to mark Harry’s 22nd birthday, all to raise funds and awareness for people dealing with cancer. The drop-in centre, which we opened in 2015, bridges the gap between hospital and hospice, offering emotional and practical support – “


‘It is paramount we can continue offering this service to the people of Birmingham and beyond for many years. I want to thank everyone who has supported Help Harry Help Others over the years. There simply aren’t the words to express my gratitude. Every penny raised and every hour volunteered really does make a difference and offers a lifeline to those who need it most. As we don’t receive any Government funding, we really rely on our supporters to enable us to do what we do and change lives!”


 How to get involved and share your ‘light in the dark’:


  1. Purchase your limited edition glow in the dark 10th anniversary HHHO bracelets from one of the supporting retailers below, or at https://hhho.org.uk/product/10th-anniversary-bracelet/


 Grab a candle, torch, or LED light  


  1. Wear and share your bracelet, or light on social media at 8pm on Monday 26th September 


  1. Use the hashtag #HHHOalightinthedark and share the direct link to donate justgiving.com/hhho or Text HARRY3 to 70800 to donate £3, Text HARRY5 to 70800 to donate £5


Supporting retailers: 

  • Customer Service Desk, Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham
  • Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop, Great Western Arcade, Birmingham
  • The Works, Fort Shopping Park, Fort Parkway, Birmingham
  • Clarks, Fort Shopping Park, Fort Parkway, Birmingham
  • Nandos, Fort Shopping Park, Fort Parkway, Birmingham

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