‘Harry The Hero’ Story Book To Be Launched As Part Of Childrens Activity Pack

Harry The Hero children’s activity pack has been designed to provide children with hours of fun with all the activities included in the pack, but more importantly, an important message is delivered through Harry’s story ‘Harry The Hero’.

The storybook written by Harry’s mom Georgie, shares how with big dreams, passion and some good qualities like Harry had, that any child can achieve anything with hard work and determination…..even through the face of adversity.

Georgie said ” I have always wanted to write Harry’s story in a child friendly book. When I heard that all the schools were being closed it made me put pen to paper and not only create a fun 42 page storybook that has beautiful illustrations by Richard Russell on every page, but also I wanted to expand on it with lots of fun activities that are all designed around Harry’s story.

I hope the children will love the book and the activity pack, and that parents will really see the children learn from the pack overall. It is a very proud moment for me as Harry’s mom and I think its the most wonderful give Harry can give to the youngsters today”.

The activity packs are available for boys and girls and include: 42 page Harry The Hero Storybook, 15 colouring sheets, 5 boy or girl bracelet making kits, 2 wordsearches to find words relating to Harry’s story and the other to find words about good personal qualities, a ‘make your own hero’ activity, a ‘write your own story’ project and a feedback sheet for parents.

The boy or girl activity packs can be ordered from the ‘Merchandise’ section of the shop of our website https://hhho.org.uk/product-category/merchandise/