HHHO Proudly Hosts Lung Health Screening Programme

We are thrilled to announce that HHHO will be hosting the Targeted Lung Health Checks (TLHC) programme at our centre starting from 3rd April. This is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to improve early diagnosis and survival rates for lung cancer patients. We have been working tirelessly to make this happen for years, and we cannot wait to see the impact it will have on the community.


The TLHC programme focuses on individuals who are most at risk of lung cancer, and our team of medical professionals and scanner will be able to screen over 40 individuals aged 55 and above daily. The programme runs for a fortnight, seven days a week, and 12 hours a day, providing ample opportunities for members of the community to take advantage of this opportunity.


We are passionate about early diagnosis and better outcomes, and we believe that this programme is a crucial step in achieving that goal. Our centre is fully equipped to support the screening programme, and we are confident that this will be the start of something great. While it’s not confirmed yet, we hope to repeat the programme every month to reach as many people as possible.


The TLHC programme has already proven to be successful in detecting early signs of lung cancer and improving survival rates for patients. To date, it has collectively diagnosed over 1500 lung cancers, with 76% of them detected at stage 1 and 2 when the disease is often easier to treat with curative intent. This program’s success has resulted in NHS England conducting a national evaluation to understand its impact and economics.


Hosting the TLHC programme at our centre is a proud moment for us at HHHO. We are committed to promoting the well-being of the community and providing the resources necessary for their health. We look forward to welcoming those who will benefit from this crucial initiative and hope to see a positive impact on the community’s overall health and well-being.

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