Minister of Employment invites HHHO to Hughs Law Stakeholder Meeting

You may recall in February, Georgie  (Harry’s Mom & Founder) was interviewed on Good Morning Britain showing support for parents of children with cancer? Georgie shared the impact cancer  had on them as parents, including their finances. when Harry was poorly in support of Hugh’s law, a bill that was being presented to Parliament By Ceri and Francis, parents of Hugh who like Harry, sadly lost his battle to cancer.

Following on from this Georgie was invited to meet with the Minister Of Employment,  Hugh’s parents and other bodies including charities, NHS and the DWP to collaboratively give input to the layers of support that needs to be put in place for parents. This was the first Stakeholder meeting of several which will aid the implementation of better support for parents moving forwards.

As a charity we were delighted to be invited and give our full support to Ceri and Francis, after all this is the very reason that Georgie continued with Harry’s great work – to ensure that families had more support than hers when Harry went through cancer.

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