New service ‘Step Forwards’ launched…

HHHO are pleased to announce with immediate effect our new service that is available to help cancer patients, relatives, or carers….

Let’s face it, sometimes we dont have problems that we need to talk about or offload, however, we can get stuck in a rut as we have so much going on in our heads and our busy lives which can result in us struggling to know where to even start………and that’s without putting it all into practice and doing what we need / want to do.

Therefore, HHHO has created a ‘Step Forwards’ programme to help those affected by cancer look at their lives, establish what their personal goals are or what needs doing/organising and having 1-1 support on a weekly basis to help them map out what needs putting into place to enable them to achieve whatever they want to do.

Once this has been establised a personalised and formulated plan will be created to help you keep on track and moving forwards with life, your goals and your overall well being. The great thing with Step Forwards service is that as we never know whats going to change in our lives from one minute to the next, by having that regular support, it enables you to continually review and adapt to all thats going on around, ensuring that you dont lose that motivation and give up.

Georgie Moseley Founder of HHHO said ” we have a great team at HHHO and its great that we to date can support and react to all our clients needs, however, I wanted to create a service that pro-actively helps clients. Once we have supported and met our clients inital needs – whether thats through practical, financial or emotional support, we want to ensure that we support them to move forwards until they are comfortable and in a good place to use the strategies and techniqes to go it alone. It also gives us the chance along the way to see if there is further support that is needed so that other HHHO services can intervene if relevant. From time to time we all need support, clarity and even a nudge to keep us moving in the right direction and achieving all we want – whatever that may be, and I am delighted that this new service will not only be delivered by Linda Baker who has supported and worked with HHHO for many years but also that it will compliment our current services and make our service offering very unique”.

For more information and to speak with us about the HHHO Step Forwards Programme please call the office on 0121 783 5407.