SERVICE SPOTLIGHT - Counselling and Emotional Support

Emotional support and counselling

However close your family unit, people often don’t truly open up about their feelings such as worry, fear anger or hurt. We often don’t want to burden anyone with how we are feeling.


Talking is great therapy and can often empty all that is dragging us down with it whirling round in our heads.


Whether you are the cancer patient, carer or family member, at HelpHarryHelpOthers we understand the impact that cancer can have on you.


We also understand that you may also be dealing with many other life issues.


By not talking and trying to face things alone we can sometimes lead into a downward spiral leading to depression and in the worst cases mental health problems.


Always remember it is ok to admit that you are not ok.


If you are having a bad day and want someone to talk about the impact of your feelings or just need a listening ear with someone that can empathise, we are here to support and listen.


You can drop in for emotional support at any time or book a weekly appointment if ongoing support is required. Whatever you need we are here to listen for as long as you need.


Often through our emotional support service we recommend our professional counselling service as through listening, we can identify just how much you are trying to cope with.


If you would like to book in an appointment with one of our new listeners or counsellors please give the centre a call.


Don’t face things alone, let us give you the support you deserve.