Supporters Take On Pyg Track with Georgie Following Loss

Help Harry Help Others are always looking to put on a range of events that will suit everyone and with that in mind, earlier this year Georgie launched two mountain climbs, with the first being the Pyg Track at Snowdon.

On Saturday 11th May, thanks to mountain legend and friend of HHHO, Nigel Potter, A few supporters including Matthew and Louise Tregortha, Sarah Rubbins and Matthew Bowater joined Georgie and Nigel for a day up the mountain.

With a 3.30am start for most leaving Birmingham, we arrived at 6.30am to meet the others who made their own way there. Starting at 7am, the team started the climb despite the already warm temperatures. It got ridiculously warm throughout the day which added to the challenge, however the views we managed to see on the day were worth coping with the temperatures.

Every single person made it up and down safely thanks to Nigel’s support. It was an incredible achievement for all, especially our friend Matthew Bowater who said “HHHO means so much to me and I have supported Harry’s work for twelve years. For years I have volunteered my time and also supported many events like the Cycling for Harry Scotland – Birmingham bike ride, however due to my weight and health issues I have never been able to participate in an event. Over the last year or so I have lost over 7 stone and whilst I am still on my journey to improve my health, I wanted to give it a go. Speaking with Georgie gave me confidence to do it as she said we go as fast as the slowest person and assured me I was capable of it. I was thrilled to be a part of the event, and although I had to dig deep most of the way up and down Snowdon,  and it taking me over 11 hours to complete, I am really happy to have experienced Snowdon and achieved it. This was a big and personal achievement for me. The last time I went to Snowdon was with my dad who carried me on his shoulders when I was about 4 or 5 years old. My sisters were there too. I have now lost my dad and within the last couple of years have tragically lost my sisters too. To be able to go back to the point I remember we got to, and go further than my sisters was a special and emotional moment. I  want to thank everyone for their incredible support as I have now smashed my Hero365 target of £850. It made the losing toe nails worth it. I have now blocked Georgies number from my phone so she cannot get me involved again unless I am a support driver haha”.

All the other participants have sadly lost loved ones to cancer and either them or their relatives have received support from our Drop In Cancer Support Centre. Georgie Said ” I was extremely moved to be able to take these incredible individuals up Snowdon thanks to the support from Nigel. All of us have experienced loss in a magnitude that has affected us all, with some losses very recent.  I am extremely thankful for everyones time and efforts and I think Matty B is inspirational. I dont mind sharing the moment he took his last steps of the walk as he reached the car park I cried with happiness for him. I know he found it extremely painful and emotional but he didnt quit. I am super proud of Matty and everyone that took part.Thank you all for supporting us so we can help others that need our support”. 

HHHO are taking on Trifan mountain at Snowdonia later this year. If you are interested in joining us please email

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