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Open Study College

Georgie attended OSC Head Office on Thursday 18th August to celebrate them turning 15! Unbeknownst to Georgie Samantha Rutter, the Chief Executive of OSC had a little surprise lined up for her.


OSC have been supporters of the charity for many years and raised over £11,000 for HHHO. Samantha and her team visited the drop-in centre a few weeks prior to their Birthday and came away saying they really wanted to do something to help.


They presented Georgie with a beautiful photo collage from over the years supporting HHHO, a lovely bouquet of flowers and to top it off an incredible donation of £5,000 to the charity!


National Grid

National Grid very kindly bought and built a much needed brand new shed for HHHO at the centre!


Asda Chelmsley Wood

ASDA Chelmsley Wood for the 2nd time this year welcomed Georgie and HHHO volunteers to hold a Harry bracelet stand on Saturday 24th September 2022.


A MASSIVE thank you to our other Supporters from the last 6 months, who have been raised much needed funds for HHHO and to keep the centre running on a daily basis:

Blue Coat School – Fundraising over lent
BK Plus – Footy4Harry – 11th May 2022
Simon Howell – 108 holes golf
RSD Events – HHHO Charity golf day – 20th July 2022
Barratt David Wilson Homes – Charity Boxing night 9th September 2022 Solihull Police Cadets – Fundraising
Hallfield School – Fundraising
National Grid – paid and built a new shed for the cancer support drop in centre ASDA Chelmsley wood – Harry stalls
ASDA Sheldon and Chelmsley Wood for donations of tea, coffee, cake for the centre

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