11 Years!!

Eleven years ago, today our hearts shattered into a million pieces when our Harry fell to sleep for the final time on 8th October 2011.  Whilst not a significant anniversary in general terms, to us as a family it’s the one we have been dreading for some time, as it means he has been gone as many years as we were blessed to have him physically with us. He has been gone his entire lifetime, 11 years.


Today we celebrate the life of our Harry, what we have achieved and all the families that we have supported within our city.  With that said we have been given the opportunity to once again at half time to all the fans.


I remember back to 2011 and how much love BCFC and their fans showed to us as a family. Thinking of his older brother Louie and his sister Dani who were 14 and 17 at the time, just a few days after his passing the club put us up in a box for privacy to watch the game and we watched the tribute for Harry on the big screen. What followed soon after was overwhelming and mind-blowing…


Harry had originally marched into the KOP reception in 2010, proud as punch with his first ever blues bracelet and a letter requesting the club get behind him. His dream came true. I often addressed the fans on the pitch at half time. We held many events like ‘CelebFooty4Harry’ and did many bucket collections outside the club too. The love and support was unreal and undoubtedly helped us as a family to carry on.


Last week for our 10th Anniversary as a registered Charity we launched our anniversary campaign #HHHOALightInTheDark how we wanted to light up the city, and how we would love BCFC to light up the stadium to mark this special occasion.


I mentioned that I would love the opportunity to express my thanks to BCFC and the fans around the anniversary of Harry’s passing as together you have both undoubtedly enabled us to provide a lifeline of support for a lifetime (Harry’s lifetime).


As a family this is usually our day, and one where we refuse to do any events however, when the club said they have space on the anniversary at the BCFC V Bristol game, it was something we felt we wanted to do, as the club and fans have been instrumental in helping us to HelpHarryHelpOthers. We have created a special limited-edition bracelet that can be purchased in the ground today or by clicking here.


Never in a million years did I think that we would still be going as a registered charity 10 years on, and that we would have evolved to open a Drop In Cancer Support Centre that now helps over 1000 local families. Offering every inch of support to adults and children affected by cancer, whether they are the patient, relative, carer or work colleague.  We have also distributed over £2.4million. I believe we are the ‘real peoples’ charity as its real people and businesses that make all of this happen. We do not receive any government funding and rely on our own fundraising events (which is why we are bringing back the famous BRMB Walkathon www.brumwalkathon.co.uk) and that of incredible people like the BCFC fans and sponsors. The impact we have is thanks to you all and for that I hope you can all be proud of HHHO as you #MakeitHappen.



Today we are proud to be here for Harry and our families, and we thank the club for allowing us to come and express our heartfelt gratitude to you all for your support over the years. The club and its fans have a very special place in our families’ hearts, and as we continue through challenging times, we hope that your support continues.


For more information visit www.hhho.org.uk or contact georgie@hhho.org.uk or to sacrifice the cost of cuppa each month scan here:


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